According to a recent study, if you are above 50 years old and can’t stand on one leg for 10 seconds, then your risk of death from any cause within the next decade increases by 84%!

The study involved 1.702 participants aged 51-75 (68% men) at their first check-up. The participants were asked to stand unsupported on one leg for 10 seconds. During this test they had to place the front of the free foot on the back of the opposite lower leg, while keeping their arms by their sides and their gaze fixed straight ahead. Up to 3 attempts on either foot were permitted.

As a result, 20.5% (348) participants failed to pass the test. Around 54% of those aged 71-75 were unable to complete the test. In general, those who failed the test had poorer health: a higher proportion were obese, and/or had diabetes type 2, heart disease, high blood pressure, and unhealthy blood fat profiles.

During a monitoring period of 7 years 7% (123) people died:

from cancer (32%),

cardiovascular disease (30%),

respiratory disease (9%), and

COVID-19 complications (7%).

There were no obvious trends in the deaths, or differences in the causes, between those able to complete the test and those who weren’t able to do so. But the proportion of deaths among those who failed the test was significantly higher.

Researchers highlight that their study is observational and can’t establish cause-effect relationship. Moreover, an information on a number of falls, physical activity levels, diet, smoking and the use of drugs that might interfere with balance, wasn’t taken into account.

Nevertheless, the researchers believe that the 10-second balance test can be rapid and objective chek-up and can provide a useful information regarding mortality risk in people above 50.

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