Drinking 1-2 glasses of red grape juice or red wine a day is scientifically proven to improve the brain health due to the bioactive components of the grapes, in particular resveratrol. Resveratrol seems to be capable of crossing the blood-brain barrier and directly protecting your brain from the harmful activities of free radicals. It is […]

The MIND diet was developed based on the Mediterranean diet to help prevent dementia and slow down the decline of brain health. But did you know that this diet could also be a remedy for Parkinson’s?

We already know that the amount of alcohol and frequency of drinking have an influence on our health. But did you know that the worst drinking pattern for your health is when you prefer regular use of strong alcohol in large volumes at a time and don’t eat while drinking?

It is not a secret that a Mediterranean diet and its variations, such as MIND- and DASH-diets, slow down cognitive decline in adults over the age of 65. These diets include daily consumption of vegetables, fruit, berries, legumes, nuts, olive oil, fish, potatoes, unrefined cereals, and a moderate wine consumption. However, according to a recent […]