According to a recent study, it can, in case of chronic tension-type headache. This type of headache accurs at least 15 days per month and results in a tightening feeling on both sides of the head with mild to moderate intensity. It doesn’t cause nausea and doesn’t get worse by physical activity.

The study investigated 218 participants with chronic tension-type headaches, who had headache 22 days per month on average for an average of 11 years. During the study the participants received randomly either true acupuncture (with achieving a tingling, numbness, or heaviness feeling) or superficial acupuncture (without achieving the mentioned above feeling) 2-3 times per week, ending up with 20 sessions for a total of 8 weeks.

At the end of the study the participants from groups who received true and superficial acupunture had decreased number of monthly headache days after the treatment. For those who received true acupuncture, headache days decreased from 20 days per month to 7 days per month. On the other hand, headache days of the participants with superficial acupuncture treatment decreased from 23 days per month to 12 days per month.

There were few side effects from the acupunture, but they were mild and didn’t require additional treatment.

Now the researchers aim to find whether acupunture has a long lasting effect and whether it is a more cost-effective treatment, compared to other treatment options.

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