According to a large Swedish study, there is a link between ADHD (attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) and dementia across generations. The study showed, based on the information from 2.132.929 people, that parents of children with ADHD had 34 % higher risk of dementia than than those with children without ADHD. On the other hand, the grandparents and other second-gedree relatives (like uncles and aunts) had only 10% increased risk of dementia compared to grandparents of grandchildren without ADHD.

Another important finding was that children with ADHD were more likely to have parents with early-onset dementia.

The researchers explain that there could be several risk factors for the found link between ADHD and dementia. One of them might be the undiscovered genetic variants that contribute to both diseases. Another possible explanation could be the fact that ADHD increases the risk of physical health conditions, which in turn could lead to increased risk of dementia. These risk factors alone or in combination with other risk factors are the topics for further investigation.

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