Did you know that our genes are responsible only for about 10-35% of aging process and longevity? The remaining percentage is determined by our environment (think about lifestyle aspects) and, according to a recent study, by some random changes in our body’s cells during our life span. These random changes can for example happen during development, as molecular damage that occurs later in life, or as random mutations.

The study proposes a model of aging, that consists of genes, environment and random cell changes. This model (called The Tripartite Phenotype of Aging) is an extension of the idea of how external factors (like air pollution, diet, exercise, and socioeconomic status) interact with internal factors (such as the body’s microbiome and fat deposits) throughout our life to shape how we age.

The researchers believe that their proposed addition of random cell changes should be explicitly considered apart from traditional genetic or environmental aspects regarding aging. Together, these 3 elements of aging can help to understand how genes, environment and random changes on cellular level over time interact to influence our health while getting older. We need this information to give more accurate advice while promoting healthy aging.

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