We all know how stress is harmful for our heart health. But do stress-reducing remedies actually help in protecting our heart? To answer this question, a recent study had a closer look on the moderate alcohol intake and its relation to the heart disease.

The study showed that drinking alcohol in moderation (1 alcoholic drink for women and 2 for men per day) may protect your heart by reducing stress-related brain signals. Researchers observed lower stress-related activity in the brain of moderate drinkers compared with non-drinkers. People who drank excessively (more than 14 drinks per week) had the highest level of stress-related brain activities.

The researchers explain that moderate amounts of alcohol can help you relax, reduce stress levels and, possibly, lower the risk of heart/blood vessel disease. At the same time the researchers warned that the findings of their study should not encourage people to drink alcohol, as it has its downside, such as an increased risk of cancer, liver damage and dependence. Instead, the purpose should be to minimize stress signals in the brain by the alternative activities with the similar result and no side effects. Think about meditation, exercise, massage or yoga. Even a good talk might help.

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