Whey protein in different forms is very popular nowaways due to its health benefits in performance nutrition (helps enhance weight loss and improves lean muscle mass) and appetite control. But what about other sources of protein? Can, for example, plant-based proteins be at least as good as whey protein, at least in managing appetite?

A recent small study investigated this question and came back with a positive answer. The study compared the influence of potato, rice and whey protein shakes on the blood glucose levels and appetite of the participants 3 hours after drinking the shakes. It turned out that rice protein shakes led to a lower rise in blood insulin compared to whey, while potato protein prevented any rise in insulin.

As for appetite, the study showed that the release of the key appetite regulating hormone GLP-1 was greater after drinking the whey protein shake. But this has not led to an increased feeling of fullness. Actually there were no differences observed in appetite perception between the 3 different protein shakes.

To conclude, both rice and potato protein sources can be a good alternative to whey protein. But potato protein is a better option for people with blood glucose level issues, such as diabetic and overweight people. The most exciting thing about it, is that potato protein in the study was obtained from the waste material from potato starch production, what makes it a more sustainable yet nutritionally beneficial protein source.

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