It seems that people with both depression and severe inflammation don’t respond to these drugs. And there is an explanation for that. Commonly prescribed antidepressants are selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which hinder the re-absorption of a “feel-good molecule” serotonin in the brain, so that it can stay for longer circulation to improve mood. So, why SSRIs can’t do their job in the presence of the severe inflammation?

A recent study used a mouse model to answer this question. The researchers observed the dropped brain serotonin levels within minutes after LPS (an inflammation-causing lipopolysaccharide) injection, demonstrating how quickly inflammatory responses in the body translate to the brain and affect serotonin.

The researchers also found that a histamine molecule in the brain was caused by the inflammatory response and directly inhibited the release of serotonin, by attaching to inhibitory receptors on the serotonin neurons. These inhibitory receptors are also present on human serotonin neurons, so this effect might be the same in people. Interestingly, in this situation the administered SSRIs were much less able to boost serotonin levels than in control mice. This happened because the SSRIs directly increased the amount of histamine in the brain, that inhibited their serotonin boosting action. However, alongside the SSRIs after histamine reducing drugs, the serotonin levels came back to control levels. These results lead to 2 conclusions:

1. histamine directly dampens serotonin release in the mouse brain and that

2. the histamine reducing drugs cause a whole-body reduction in histamine.

Of course, this role of histamine is needed to be replicated on people. Till then, take care of your body and don’t let it suffer from unnecessary inflammation, caused by a.o. infections, stress, lack of sleep, too much junk food and other negative lifestyle factors.

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