Beetroot juice has become increasingly popular recently due to its positive effects on heart health and sport performances. It has high concentrations of nitrate, which can be converted into nitric oxide (NO) in your body after consumption. NO has different functions, including widening of your blood vessels, which reduces blood pressure and increases oxygen- and nutrient delivery to various organs, such as heart and muscles. This is why beetroot juice might be important in preventing and treatment of heart disease, and also can be used to increase muscle effeciency, tolerance and endurance during your sport activities.

Knowing that, you may start drinking beetroot juice with great enthusiasm. But remember, as with all healthy foods, too much of it can hurt your health! If you drink more than recommended (up to 2 cups), you may receive excessive amount of nitrate, which will stimulate the formation of compounds (NOC’s) in your body that are carcinogenic and increase the risk of different types of cancer.

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