Goji berries belong to superfood because of their wide range of health benefits, from supporting the immune system to anti-aging effects. We all are familiar with these small dry red berries and their amazing taste. But did you know that there are also black goji berries that are even more healthy? At least, if you know how to maximize their health benefits.

According to a recent study, both red and black goji berry are at their best when taken in the form of hot tea. However, infused at 100° water for the same long period of time, black goji berry tea turned to have as much as 5 times higher antioxidant properties in comparison with red goji berry tea.

Another interesting fact is that soaking of both red and black goji berries using cold or warm water, for a long time, will waste most of their health benefits, namely their phytochemicals and antioxidant activity.

So, if you want the best from your goji berries, choose the black version and enjoy the hot goji tea soaked for a long time!

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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