What do you do when you have bleeding gums? Do you just ignore it? Or do you make a direct appointment with your dentist? Or do you just brush and floss your teeth more carefully twice a day?

Anyway, I think you want to know why you have bleeding gums. It could be because of an early stage of periodontal disease, but not necessary. According to a recent study, bleeding gums is a way your body tells you about its vitamin C deficiency.

Researchers analyzed data from 9.350 people in published studies of 15 clinical trials in 6 countries. They concluded that bleeding of the gums on gentle probing and/or also bleeding in the eye, were related to low vitamin C levels in the blood. They also found that increasing daily intake of vitamin C in those people with low vitamin C helped to reverse these bleeding issues.

Researchers highlighted that you need to be extra alert if you have both a gum bleeding tendency and retinal bleeding as it could be a sign of problems with your microvascular system, leading to a bleeding tendency in the brain, heart and kidneys.

Finding a cause of your bleeding gums, as any other health issues, is important. Because, if the cause is too low vitamin C levels, then brushing your teenth and using a dental floss will not help even if you do it everytime after taking a meal.

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

a certified nutrition coach, educator and researcher with a PhD degree

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