Did you sleep bad last night? Most probably you’ll take a lot of strong coffee or other caffeine containing drinks to reduce sleepiness and receive more energy. But does caffeine also support you in accomplishing tasks at work? According to a recent study, it depends on a complexity of a task to perform.

The study investigated the impact of caffeine after a night of sleep deprivation. 276 participants were asked to complete a simple attention task as well as a more challenging task that required completion of tasks in a specific order without skipping or repeating steps.

The researchers found that although caffeine helped people successfully achieve the simple task, it had little effect on performing the challenging task. It means that lack of sleep decreases your cognitive capability to deal with complex tasks and can be very dangerous if you have a vital profession. Just think for a moment about the consequences of mistakes by electricians, medical professionals or air traffic controllers.

Moreover, the researchers believe that consistently lacking good sleep not only affects your brain health, but also puts a heavy burden on your immunity.

Something to keep in mind, if you skip a few hours of sleep every night…

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