science about how to keep your brain sharp while getting older

It actually could be. At least, there is a link found between two of them.

According to a systematic review and meta-analysis of 11 studies (3.6 million participants), having headaches may increase the risk for dry eye disease. Researchers looked at the different headache types, such as migraines, tension and cluster headaches and found that migraine sufferers have the highest chance of getting dry eye disease. How exactly the headaches […]

Dietary supplement nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3, is often used to reverse aging, to support brain health and to heal from a number of health issues. But do the dietary supplements, including NR, have only positive health benefits with no side effects? Actually no, at least according to a recent study on […]

According to a recent study, people who experience frequent bad dreams in middle age are more likely to be diagnosed with dementia later in life. 

At least, according to a recent small Japanese study. In their study researchers had a closer look at the relationship between multiple chemical sensitivities and migraine in 95 patients of a headache clinic. They found that 20% of patients with migraine had multiple chemical sensitivities. These group of patients had also the following (hyper)sensitivities: light […]

A recent study not only confirmed the relationship between Alzheimer’s and gut disorders, but also found an explanation for this relationship. It turned out that there is a genetic link between two of them.

The results of a recent study have shown that the non-invasive stimulation of the corneal surface of the eye (also known as Transcorneal Electrical Stimulation) can reduce depression-like symptoms and improve cognition in animal models.

According to a recent study, it can, in case of chronic tension-type headache. This type of headache accurs at least 15 days per month and results in a tightening feeling on both sides of the head with mild to moderate intensity. It doesn’t cause nausea and doesn’t get worse by physical activity.

A recent small study investigated a behaviour of 67 older adults aged 69 (on average) without dementia or any other brain health issues. The participants had to decide whether to give money to an anonymous person or keep it for themselves. In addition, they completed a number of cognitive and neuropsychological tests. The last onces […]

According to a recent study, infusions of the local anesthetic lidocaine may be helpful for people with chronic migraine who don’t respond to any other treatment.

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