It is not known yet what exactly causes cluster headache, but heredity is certainly one of the factors. In a recent large international study, the researchers were able to map this heredity by analyzing blood samples from 1.443 people with cluster headache and comparing them with samples from 6.748 control subjects. As a result, they found several genetic regions related to cluster headache. In these regions there were genes connected to neuroinflammation, circadian rhythms, and pain signaling. There were also genetic regions involved that play an important role in migraine.

Based on this genetic mapping for cluster headache, the researchers plan to investigate further where the genes are responsible for the fact that the current treatment of cluster headache with drugs (such as triptans, lithium and medicines for blood pressure regulation) doesn’t help everyone. In the longer term, they hope to develop an effective treatment that specifically targets the identified genes that are relevant to cluster headache.

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