According to a recent small but long-term study, drinking 2 cups of coffee (2x240g) may make you less likely to develop Alzheimer’s.

The researchers found that healthy participants aged 60+, who enjoyed daily 2 cups of coffee, lowered their risk of having mild cognitive decline (which often precedes Alzheimer’s) by 8% after 18 months. Moreover, the same amount of coffee seems to slow the accumulation of the amyloid protein (a key feature of Alzheimer’s) in the brain by 5%! And these results are on the top of the well-known and confirmed in this study effects on the brain function, such as attention, planning and self-control (executive function of the brain).

Unfortunately, the study doesn’t give us information about the type of coffee (caffeinated and decaffeinated) and its preparation methods (brewing method, the presence of milk and/or sugar etc) to be able to achieve the observed results. These are the questions for further investigation. And when we know more about that, we might have a clear recommendation of using coffee as a lifestyle factor to delay or fight Alzheimer’s.

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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