According to a recent Norwegian study, coffee raises cholesterol, depending on the sex of the drinker as well as the brewing method.

Researchers analyzed information from 21.083 participants (both men and women) from the Tromsø Study. It turned out that drinking 3–5 daily cups of espresso was significantly associated with increased total cholesterol, particularly among men (0.16 mmol/l higher in men vs 0.09 mmol/l higher in women).

6+ cups of plunger coffee daily was related to raised cholesterol to a similar degree in both men and women ( 0.23 mmol/l higher in men vs 0.30 mmol/l higher in women).

As for filtered coffee, getting more than 6 cups every day has led to raise of cholesterol only in women (0.11 mmol/l), but not in men.

Instant coffee also seems to increase in cholesterol in both sexes, independently on the number of cups.

Researchers explained that this diverse influence of coffee on cholesterol levels, but also on other health aspects (such as cancer and diabetes) is due to more than a thousand phytochemicals, which influence the body, depending on the variety of coffee species, roasting degree, type of brewing method and serving size. That is why drinking coffee may lead to multiple health effects.

Researchers couldn’t explain why coffee drinking causes a different response in men and women.

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