According to a recent study, drinking coffee or other caffeinated drink before shopping could lead to purchasing more items and spending more time in the store.

To examine the effects of caffeine intake (about 30 mg to 100 mg) on consumer spending during shopping, the researchers set up an espresso station near the entrance of 2 different retail stores in two major cities in France and outside a department store in Spain. By the entrance, half of the 300 shoppers received a complimentary cup of caffeinated coffee and the other half got offered decaf or water.

As a result, the caffeine group turned out to spend significantly more money and to buy a higher number of items than those who drank decaf or water.

Caffeine also impacted the types of items bought at the stores. The caffeine group bought more enjoyable/fun (high hedonic) items such as scented candles, fragrances and décor items, but not utilitarian (low hedonic) purchases such as utensils and storage baskets.

It is worth mentioning that the observed effects of caffeine on the purchase behaviour was applied to those who normally drink 2 cups of coffee (or less) daily and was weakened for heavy coffee drinkers.

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