According to a recent Japanese study, you can, keeping in mind the different effects of green tea and coffee on your health. The researchers analyzed data of 46.213 participants (ages 40 to 79, 60% women) and concluded that drinking coffee works better for heart attack survivors as well as for people without a history of heart attack and stroke, while drinking green tea can be beneficial for both heart attack and stroke survivors.

First the heart attack survivors. The researchers found out that daily 1 cup of coffee (150mL or 5 ounces) helps to reduce their overall risk of death by approximately 22% when compared to those who did not regularly drink coffee. Drinking green tea, on the other hand, has a more protective effect by preventing further heart problems.

As for stroke survivors, those, drinking coffee didn’t show any significant effects in contrast to green tea. Those, who drank daily at least 7 cups of green tea (7x 100mL or 3.4 ounces), lowered their risk of death by approximately 62%!

Although the study established the effects of coffee and green tea on heart attack and stroke survivors, the reason of these effects have to be further investigated.

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