What do you do if your sleep was disrupted several times during the night? Most probably, first thing in the morning you’ll grab a cup of coffee to wake up and stay alert. It seems to be the best remedy in this situation. But did you know that a cup of coffee before breakfast is actually bad for you?

According to a recent study, strong black coffee before breakfast increases your blood sugar response to breakfast by as much as 50%! And why is it bad, you might ask. Because not controlling your blood sugar levels, increases the risk of getting a fair amount of diseases, such as diabetes, brain and heart diseases.

Another interesting finding of the study was that the body’s response to coffee after a disrupted sleep was similar to its response after a normal sleep. It means that a single disrupted sleep every now and then doesn’t disturb your blood sugar metabolism, but many lost hours of sleep over one and/or multiple nights do.

Curious? Here is the source:


Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

a certified nutrition coach, educator and researcher with a PhD degree

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