According to a recent small clinical trial, either 9g of freeze-dried cranberry powder or 100g fresh cranberries a day can significantly improve flow-mediated dilation, which shows how good blood vessels react on the increase of blood flow. An improved dilation is a sign of improved cardiovascular health. At least in healthy 45 male participants of the study.

Researchers explain that this positive effect of cranberries is due to their content of polyphenols, namely proanthocyanidins. This type of polyphenols has unique properties compared to the polyphenols from other fruits.

Remarkable is that the positive effect of cranberries was already seen 2 hours after the first consumption and stayed after 1 month. This means that the benefits of cranberries are not only immediate but also permanent, if you eat them daily.

The good news is that 100g of cranberries seems to be a reasonable amount to enjoy on a daily basis. This makes cranberries an important part in the prevention of heart or other blood vessel related problems.

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