The real coffee lovers might not understand those who enjoy their cup of decaf coffee. In one way or another, decaf coffee is scientifically proven to have the similar health benefits as the coffee with caffeine because of its hundreds other healthy chemical compounds. Coffee also seems to have a protective effect on the liver, no matter whether it has caffeine or not.

However, decaf coffee is more processed than a normal coffee. And here you need to pay a careful attention to if you want the maximum benefits from your favorite decaf drink.

There are 3 processing methods to extract caffeine from coffee beans. 2 of them are chemical-free, but are rarely used due to their high cost. In contrast, the most popular extraction method does use chemical solvents (ethyl acetate and methylene chloride), which are normally used in adhesive and paint. Of course, only a minuscule amount gets into decaf coffee, but as you know: “drop wears away the stone”.

Being aware of that, the real challenge is to come after the processing method of your decaf. You won’t find information on how caffeine was removed from your coffee on the package as there are no specific labeling rules for that.

In this situation what you can do is to look for the good quality organic decaf coffee. Another option is just to substitute your decaf coffee with herbal tea. In this way you will not only benefit from the health advantages of the herbs in your tea, but also can be certain about 0% caffeine in it (decaf is not 0% free from caffeine).

Curious? HERE is the source of a protective effect on the liver of decaf coffee

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