Diabetes type I is a chronic condition in which the pancreas produces little or no hormone insulin, that keeps your blood sugar at the right level. This disease can be controlled through appropriate medication and diet. That is why people with diabetes type I are living longer than before. On the other hand, living longer puts them at risk of age-related diseases such as dementia. So what do people with diabetes type I need to do to protect themselves from developing dementia? A recent large study investigated this question and highlighted the importance of keeping blood sugar level continuously under control.

The study found that people aged 56+ with type 1 diabetes who have episodes of either high or low blood sugar extremes, are at greater risk of developing dementia. To be more specific, the people with low blood sugar periods had a 75% greater risk of developing dementia than those without one. On the other hand, people with high blood sugar episodes had more than twice the risk of developing dementia than those without one. Moreover, people who suffered from both low and high blood sugar, had a risk of developing dementia 6 times higher than people with well managed disease!

These findings are very convincing, aren’t they? If you have diabetes type I, you need all your discipline to keep your blood sugar levels optimal and avoid the blood sugar extremes in order to maintain your brain healthy while getting older.

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