The MIND diet was developed based on the Mediterranean diet to help prevent dementia and slow down the decline of brain health. But did you know that this diet could also be a remedy for Parkinson’s?

A recent small study discovered that the close adherence to the MIND diet and the Mediterranean-types diet may delay Parkinson’s disease up to 17.4 years in women and 8.4 years in men! This is the first study that established a relation between a diet and Parkinson’s, a brain disorder, significally affecting speech, walking and balance.

Remarkable about the results was that the MIND diet had a significant impact on women’s health, whereas the Mediterranean diet better worked for men. The difference in these two diets is subtle, but it can be further used to figure out why men and women react differently on the specific foods and micronutrients. According to researchers, this information might lead to better understanding of the sex differences that drive Parkinson’s disease in the first place.

This new evidence that nutrition could not only prevent dementia, but also potentially postpone onset of the Parkinson’s, is a double motivation to keep eating healthy, isn’t it? Healthy gut = healthy brain!

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

a certified nutrition coach, educator and researcher with a PhD degree

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