At this moment the blood pressure “120/90” is considered to be normal both for men and women. But according to a recent study, there is a necessity to separate the normal ranges for men and for women. The study found out that women have a lower “normal” blood pressure range compared to men.

The researchers examined the blood pressure measurements of 27 542 participants (54% of whom were women) and identified that while 120 mmHg was the threshold of risk in men, 110 mmHg or lower was the threshold of risk in women. The upper (systolic) blood pressure measurement above these thresholds was linked to a higher risk for developing any type of heart diseases, including heart attack, heart failure and strokes.

The researchers explain their findings by the fact that women have different biology and physiology than men. In regard to blood pressure, women’s blood vessels age faster than men’s. That is why the force of the blood against the artery walls while heart beats, measured by the upper blood pressure reading, in women is lower than in men.

In their following study, the researchers want to investigate whether women should be treated for hypertension when their upper blood pressure is between 110 and 120.

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