We already know that, in general, women with menopause at an earlier age have a higher risk of heart disease. But what is ‘an earlier’ age and how early-life menopause is related to the heart disease?

A recent large Dutch study gave the answers to these questions. The study investigated 16.244 postmenopausal women aged 26-70 for about 15 years and found that women with early menopause before age 40 had 1.5 times higher risk of ischemic stroke than women who experienced it at age 50-54. Ischemic stroke is caused by blocked blood vessels.

Researchers also discovered a 2% lower stroke risk for each year of menopause delay.

Another interesting finding was related to the nature of menopause. Women with natural menopause had a stronger connection between age at menopause and stroke compared with those, who experienced menopause after removing their ovaries.

The results of this study highlight the importance of a healthy lifestyle for women around menopause to minimize their risk of stroke and maintain their heart in good state.

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