We already know that exercise is one of the most effective methods for improving sleep quality. It reduces the amount of time you need to fall asleep and it increases the power of brain waves during deep sleep, which is essential for your mental health and physical wellbeing.

According to a recent study, exercise does its job even if you don’t notice a difference in your sleep quality. The study involved a group of healthy young men to determine whether 60 minute of vigorous exercise would influence their sleep quality in terms of both subjective reports and objective measurements. The results were surprising. It turned out that exercise objectively improved the quality of sleep, while the participants reported no change in the quality of their sleep.

The researchers concluded that to improve your sleep quality both objectively and subjectively, you’d better choose regular moderate exercise instead of occasional vigorous exercise. However, it is important to understand that both types of exercise lead to the same result – better sleep quality!

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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