Everyone who is interested in his/her genes, is afraid of having the gene variant APOE e4, as it is a genetic risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease. People who have APOE e4, can experience faster cognitive decline than people without the variant. On the other hand, people with Parkinson’s in combination with APOE e4, are in double trouble. So what can you do if someone you know, has an early stage of Parkinson in combination with APOE e4? Actually you can help by giving an advice concerning some changes in their lifestyle.

A recent small study investigated whether an exercise could play a role in slowing cognitive decline for people with Parkinson’s and APOE e4. The reseachers found out that leisure activities such as walking, biking or simple household activities may help slow cognitive decline in 2 years time!

Of course, additional large-scale study is needed to confirm the results of this study. However, it will not harm to advise those with early Parkinson’s and the APOE e4 gene variant to increase their physical activity as a potential way of delaying or preventing cognitive decline!

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