Why is the ability of our body to burn fat so important for us? Because it helps us stay healthy by maintaining good metabolic health and insulin sensitivity and reducing risk of developing diabetes II.

A recent study takes a closer look at factors that influence our ability to burn fat during endurance sport activities, such as running or cycling. The researchers found out that women who were physically fitter, independently of their age (19-63 years old), seem to use fat as a fuel source better during exercizing than men. This gives women an extra health advantage from endurance sport activities by delaying the timepoint of using precious carbohydrate stores. Why does this happen needs further investigation.

The study also investigated how the fat is burnt during an exercise. The conclusion was that there were 2 major contributors to it: the proteins in muscle that are involved in breaking down stored fat into the smaller fatty acids, and proteins involved in transporting those fatty acids into the mitochondria in muscle (the powerhouse of the cells).

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