The main reason why a Western diet is bad for our health is that it stimulates oxidative stress. A recent study showed that this oxidative stress increases inflammation, whichswitches off” the expression of the peptide NaKtide in fat cells (adipocytes), causing systemic inflammation through the signaling Na,K-ATPase pathway. This leads to changes in the biochemical processes in the hippocampus, which is critical to our memory and cognition.

The researchers also demontrated using a genetically-modified mouse model that released NaKtide in fat cells hindered the signaling function of Na,K-ATPase. The fat cell-specific activated NaKtide turned the behaviour of the fat cells back to normal and improved function of the hippocampus.

Based on their findings, the researchers assume that targeting the fat cells to resist Na,K-ATPase may be a possible way of minimizing the cognitive decline. The next step is to replicate their findings on people.

Meanwhile it will not hurt to look critically at your current diet and make some healthy changes, if neccessary!

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