Inflammation is one of the major contributors to our health problems and to accelerated aging. The good news is that we can do something about it, namely a.o. add some extra fiber to our diet. The question is whether the fiber source matters in this situation?

A recent study looked for an answer to this question. Researchers investigated whether dietary fiber intake can decrease inflammation in older adults, who have higher levels of inflammation compared to younger adults. They also were interested to know whether fiber might prevent cardiovascular disease (CVD). The results showed that cereal fiber but not fruit or vegetable fiber, was consistently linked to lower inflammation and lower occurrence of CVD.

These findings are quite unexpected. We already know that fiber, in general, improves gut function and lipid and glucose metabolism, decreasing inflammation. But why cereal fiber and not vegetable or fruit fiber, remains a big puzzle. Researchers assume that other nutrients in foods rich in cereal fiber might be responsible for that. This is to be further investigated.

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