Poor diet is a leading risk factor for chronic diseases, such as overweight, diabetes, and heart and blood vessel disorders. The logical question is then if a poor diet is a cause of a disease, can a healthy diet be an appropriate treatment instead of pills?

A recent study searched for an answer to this question. The study reviewed 13 healthy food prescription programs as a form of medical treatment and observed a positive influence on participants, though in different ways and degree. All participants ate more fruit and veggies and all of them were able to loose weight. But the top of the bill was the effect of healthy food prescriptions on blood glucose. It was comparable to the effect from some commonly prescribed glucose-lowering medications!

The focus of the investigated food prescriptions was on eating more fruit and vegetables. Other foods, including nuts, beans, whole grains, and fish are also important, but were not included in the study. However, there is a current study at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Sydney, where 50 patients with poorly-controlled diabetes type II are prescribed the boxes of healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, dairy foods, and whole grains weekly in the period of 3 months. This study is not finished yet, but both doctors and participants are already exited about the first results.

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