Your first reaction on this post might be: of course, fruits are healthy! And you are right if you eat them unprocessed or minimally processed!

Just to give you an idea about processed fruits, think of jams and jellies, marmalade, canned fruits, candied fruit and fruit yoghurt. They all are processed, which means they lost almost all their healthy nutrients and have a lot of added sugar, which is really bad for you and your brain!

According to a study, the more fruits are processed, the lower are their precious antioxidant capacities. Your brain needs a lot of antioxidants to fight against free radical attacks, which are the result of brain activities. Moreover, more and more studies show up that antioxidants help to keep your brain in shape especially during aging.

In general, any heating or cutting of fruits in combination with added sugars affect the healthy benefits of fruit the most. Reseachers are working now on the new “nonthermal” technological processes to limit the vitamin C and antioxidant losses while extending storage time. Till now, drying seems to be a good alternative to maintain the healthy benefits of fruit for a longer period of time.

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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