Who doesn’t want to live longer if in good health? A recent study turned to nature to look for a new potential anti-aging solution. The researchers investigated 46 plant extracts and found a chemical procyanidin C1 (PCC1), a polyphenolic component of grape seed extract, that was found to influence old cells, which permanently stop dividing, but don’t die (known as senescent cells). At low doses PCC1 prevented these old cells from contributing to inflammation. At higher doses it seems to do even a better job and kill the old cells without harming other cells.

The reseachers did their experiments with PCC1 on mice models. The results were astonishing! In younger mice the injected extract of PCC1 over a period of 4 months improved their physical fitness. In old mice PCC1 increased the overall lifespan by 9% and their remaining lifespan by 60%, on average. In mice with cancer PCC1 helped to shrink tumors when given in conjunction with chemotherapy. The researchers also found the result was the same with human tumor cells implanted into mice.

The researchers noticed that during their experiments there was no damage observed to normal cells. This means PCC1 could be a promising treatment for a wide variety of age-related illnesses and could very well reduce some of the negative impacts of aging.

Whether PCC1 can have any negative side effects is the question for further investigation.

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