I think you’ll agree, that the easiest and quickest way to get some extra energy is to grab a product with caffeine in it. Usually, it is either a cup of espresso (0.21% of caffeine), black tea (0.02% of caffeine) or hot chocolate with 85% of cacao in it (2.34% of caffeine). But did you know that guarana powder (not a commercial soft drink!) is even a better option with up to 5.3% of caffeine?

Use of guarana powder along or in combination with other dietary supplements requires different doses. You need less of guarana powder alone (35-75 mg/day) to let your brain work better, but you need a higher dosis of guarana powder (220mg – 1500 mg) in combination with other supplements (like multivitamines and minerals) to boost your cognition, especially related to decision-making, memory, attention, and mental fatigue.

The powerful influence of guarana is not only because of the high amounts of caffeine. The presence of other bioactive elements (such as catechins, theobromine and tannins) not only reinforces each other, but also delays caffeine absorption, resulting in a long-lasting stimulatory effect on your brain.

To maximize the health benefits from guarana powder, you can use some vegetable oils and avoid milk products at the time of intake, as milk protein lowers bioaccessibility of the bioactive elements, making guarana powder less effective.

As for the side effects, the most common self-reported ones are insomnia, tachycardia, dizziness, constipation, and diarrhea. These side effects are a sign of too much caffeine from guarana for your body to tolerate. So be careful with guarana and don’t overstimulate your brain and your body!

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