Take care of your head! As a single head injury could lead to dementia later in life. More than 1 head injury doubles your risk for dementia! These are the findings of a recent large study.

The study aimed to find a relation between head injury and dementia over the span of 25 years among both men and women as well as in both black and white populations in the United States.

The researchers found out that women are more likely to develop dementia than men as a result of head injury. As for race differences, white populations turned out to have at higher risk of dementia after head injury compared to black populations. Why these sex and race differences are observed, needs further investigation.

The researchers also highlighted that head injury is not the only risk factor for dementia, as it counts only for 9,5% of all dementia cases. However, you have much control over it, if you protect your head by, for example, wearing a helmet or a seat belt.

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