A recent international study has established a clear relationship between high-fat diet and worsening of cognitive abilities, including developing anxiety, depression and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

To come to this conclusion the study used mice models and randomly allocated them to a standard diet or a high-fat diet for 30 weeks, starting at 8 weeks of age. Food intake, body weight and glucose levels were monitored at different time, along with glucose, insulin tolerance tests and cognitive dysfunction.

As a result, the mice on the high-fat diet gained a lot of weight, developed insulin resistance and started behaving abnormally compared to those on a standard diet.

Moreover, genetically modified Alzheimer’s disease mice showed a significant cognitive decline and pathological changes in their brain while on the high fat diet.

Interestingly, mice with impaired cognitive function were also more likely to gain excessive weight due to poor metabolism caused by brain changes.

Researchers explained that obesity and diabetes impair the central nervous system, leading to numerous brain health disorders, including depression and Alzheimer’s. Something to keep in mind!

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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