All of them seem to have the same effect on our body. At least, according to a recent study. The study investigated how the powerful antioxidants in green tea, catehins ECG and EGCG, act in the worm C. elegans.

The conclusion was really unexpected. Rather than fighting oxidative stress, the catechins in green tea temporary promoted it. The increase of oxidative stress activated the defensive capabilities of the cells, resulting in longer and healthier life of the worms. And this is exactly the same way, sport and calorie reduction influence our body. Both of them increase oxidative stress in the short term, improving the body’s defenses.

Another surprising finding was that defensive capabilities were not caused by the immune system, but rather by activating genes that produce certain enzymes (superoxide dismutase and catalase). These enzymes neutralized the free radicals and therefore prevented damage of cells or DNA.

The researchers believe that their findings can be easily translated to people because of the basic biochemical processes to fight oxygen free radicals, that are present in all living organisms.

Did this study make you enthousiastic about drinking green tea? Then go for it, but remember: even the most healthy products can hurt your health if not taken in moderation!

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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