Recently rice lovers were warned that their favorite product accumulates up to 10 times more toxic arsenic than any other grain. The maximum concentration has been found in rice bran. That is why healthy brown rice, or rice milk, which is made from rice bran, is not that innocent.

Arsenic affects almost every organ in the body and can cause not only diabetes, cancer, lung diseases and skin lesions, but is also toxic to the brain. Especially infants and children are highly vulnerable to arsenic exposure. Here is the good news!

A new study found a way of cooking rice that removes over 50% of arsenic in brown rice and 74% in white rice. At the same time it does not reduce healthy micronutrients present. This way of cooking is called “parboiling with absorption method” (PBA). All you need to do is to boil the rice in pre-boiled water for 5 minutes before draining and refreshing the water, and then to cook it on lower heat till all the water is absorbed. Easy to adjust your traditional cooking method, isn’t it?

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