To make our life easier, the food industry produces a large variety of the pre-packaged food. Think, for example, of breakfast cereals, canned broth and veggies, savory snacks (salted nuts, chips), meat products (bacon, sausages, ham, salami), microwave meals, cakes and biscuits. This food looks very attractive, is easy to prepare and is usually cheap. The downside of pre-packaged food is that it is ultra-processed and therefore is generally low in essential nutrients, but high in sugar, oil and salt.

A recent Italian study confirmed that we pay the highest price of the proposed food convenience, namely our health. The study analyzed eating habits of 22.475 participants in relation to their health for over 8 years. Researchers found out that those eating a lot of ultra-processed food had a 58% increased death risk from a heart disease, a 52% increased death risk from problems with blood flow in the brain and 26% risk of death from any other cause.

Why? It seems that the excess of sugar is not the main culprit, as it counts only for 36% of the increased death risk. Researchers think that the biggest danger of ultra-processed food comes from the deep industrial processing itself, which is able to change the structure and composition of the nutrients, making them harmful for our body.

So, think twice before grabbing any of that easy-to-go food. Invest time in cooking and it will pay off over the years!

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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