The symptoms of withdrawal from alcohol are very unpleasant and severe, depending on the person and his/her degree of dependence on alcohol. That is why many people seek assistance to be able to stop drinking. A recent study found out a way to make the withdrawal symptoms less severe. Its proposed solution is to go on the ketogenic (keto) diet.

The researchers explained that when people become dependent on alcohol for a long period of time, their body begins to use less glucose for energy. Instead, it begins to use acetate, which the body makes by metabolizing alcohol. By stopping drinking, the body experiences the lack of acetate that leads to the alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

While going on a keto diet, the body receives more ketone bodies to metabolize and use as an energy source. In this way a keto diet helps to make the alcohol withdrawal symptoms less severe.

One more interesting finding of the study. The researchers did a similar test on rats and found that rats on a keto diet, drank less alcohol. Of course, this finding needs to be confirmed on people. But it sounds promising…

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