First of all, why a ketogenic diet might be the right diet for people with migraine? Because this high-fat, moderate-protein and very-low carbohydrate diet has proven to cause metabolic changes overall in your body, including the brain, leading to various positive health results, if done properly (at least in the short run).

Based on this knowledge, a recent study investigated whether this diet can also help with migraine attacks and their prevention. The study reviewed 10 scientific publications from different databases and concluded that a ketogenic diet (and its variations) could reduce the number and severity of migraine attacks, as reported in the most publications. However, there were few publications with the negative effects of the diet on the migraine.

The researches also highlighted that the current evidence on the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet is low as it was difficult to distinguish whether the mitigation of the migraine attacks was only due to the diet or also in combination with other treatment methods.

In other words, at this moment the science can’t give an indisputable positive answer to use a ketogenic diet to help you with migraine.

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