“Laughing gas” is another name for nitrous oxide gas that is often used as a pain reliever by surgeons and dentists. In the dose of 50% it has also shown to be able to relieve depressive symptoms fast in antidepressant treatment-resistant people. However, this non-traditional treatment has also side effects like nausea, vomiting and headaches.

According to a recent small study, a lower dose of nitrous oxide gas (only 25%) could be as effective as the double dose and with fewer side effects. The study also found that the effects of the lower dose lasted surprisingly much longer than expected, with some participants experiencing improvements for up to 2 weeks.

Another interesting finding is that low dose of “laughing gas” turned to have a relaxing effect after which the participants actually didn’t get high but fell asleep.

These results sound promising especially for those, who suffer from severe depression and don’t respond to traditional treatment with antidepressant medication.

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