Believe it or not, but you can extend your longevity by optimizing your diet. Researchers of a recent study reviewed hundreds of studies on nutrition, popular diets, diseases and longevity in laboratory animals and people (including centenarians) and came to the following successful aspects of an optimal ‘longevity diet’:

  • moderate to high carbohydrate intake from non-refined food sources,
  • low but sufficient protein from largely plant-based sources, and
  • enough plant-based fats to provide about 30% of energy needs.

In practice it would be translated in eating lots of legumes, whole grains, and vegetables; low sugar and refined grains; some fish; no red meat or processed meat and very low white meat; good levels of nuts and olive oil, and some dark chocolate.

Ideally, the day’s meals should be limited to 12-13 hours per day, strengthened by several short fasting periods every year (5-day cycle fasting every 3-4 months) to help people with increased disease risks reduce their insulin resistance, blood pressure and other potential health problems.

The mentioned above recommendations are general. They are needed to be adjusted based on sex, age, health status, and genetics. For example, people over age 65 may need to eat more protein to avoid frailty and loss of lean body mass, compared to those under 65, whose body still functions optimally.

Researchers highlight that a longevity diet is not a restricted diet. They advice to pay attention to the BMI index (should be lower than 25) and to keep an eye on the fat and lean body mass levels together with abdominal circumference to establish your personal optimal levels of daily food intake rather than be restrictive in calories.

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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