A recent Japanese study found that a low protein diet can not only accelerate brain degeneration in mouse models of Alzheimer’s but also cause poor neuronal connectivity, leading to inability to think clearly, understand complicated text, solve problems and make decisions.

In the same study the researchers discovered that a supplement of 7 essential amino acids (Amino LP7) could reverse these effects. Namely, by reducing brain inflammation and blocking inflammatory substance kynurenine from entering the brain, thereby preventing inflammatory immune cells from attacking neurons. The researchers also found that Amino LP7 reduced neuronal death and improved neuronal connectivity.

From the previous studies we already know that amino LP7 improves brain function in healthy older people without cognitive impairment. The results of this study suggest that the same Amino LP7 could be also effective in people with dementia.

Although the results of the study are still to be replicated on people, they give hope that a simple intake of essential amino acids could help people with dementia.

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