We need magnesium for almost every single process in our body. For example, magnesium is needed to make proteins, and everything in our body is either a protein or is made by proteins. We also need magnesium to utilize energy, and everything that happens in the body, requires energy. So what happens, if we have a chronic magnesium deficiency, especially while aging? 

According to a recent study, a chronic magnesium deficiency is frequently present in older adults and may cause a low-grade chronic inflammation because of the increased production of free radicals. These radicals are the reason of numerous age-related diseases, such as heart problems, diabetes type II, asthma and other lung problems, depression, stress-related diseases and psychiatric disorders, Alzheimer’s and other dementia types, muscular illnesses, bone fragility, and cancer. You name it!

The study suggests that taking care of an optimal magnesium intake throughout life can help to prevent oxidative stress and inflammation while aging and therefore help to lengthen healthy life.

The best way to do this is via a healthy diet, rich in magnesium and other healthy nutrients. Fortified water with magnesium may help as well as in there magnesium is more bioavailable compared with magnesium from food. Whether magnesium supplements help to maintain optimal levels of magnesium, is still unclear.

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Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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