Migraine is a mysterious disease that happens more often in women before menopause. After menopause, fewer women experience migraines. However, at that time, other health problems, such as high blood pressure, come in place. So far, it was not clear whether these two diseases are connected to each other. A recent large study gave an answer to this question.

The study investigated this connection and found that women with migraine with and without aura before menopause had a similar 29% increased risk of developing high blood pressure after menopause. BUT this doesn’t mean that migraine causes high blood pressure after menopause. It only shows that there is a link between the two diseases.

Researchers explained that people with migraine have more probably the early signs of stiffer and smaller vessels, that are not capable of accommodating blood flow. This stiffness results in increased blood pressure. Another explanation could be the genetics.

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