A recent study found that a history of migraines predicted an increase in hot flashes during menopause. After analyzing the information of more than 3.300 women aged 52.8 years old, on average, the researchers found that women with a history of migraines had significantly worse menopause symptoms and were more likely to have (very) severe hot flashes compared to women with no migraine history.

Another interesting finding was that women with low back pain and worse menopause symptoms, were no more likely to experience (very) severe hot flashes. This points out the specific relation between hot flashes and migraines.

The researchers believe that this relation could be explained by neurovascular dysfunction, a condition that affects the blood supply in the brain or spinal cord by narrowing, hardening, or any other deviation of the blood vessels. After being confirmed in the following studies, it would mean that the combination of migraine history and hot flashes in midlife increases a risk of a heart disease.

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