At least, according to a recent small Japanese study.

In their study researchers had a closer look at the relationship between multiple chemical sensitivities and migraine in 95 patients of a headache clinic.

They found that 20% of patients with migraine had multiple chemical sensitivities. These group of patients had also the following (hyper)sensitivities:

  • light sensitivity (photophobia),
  • sensitivity to smells (osmophobia),
  • seeing bright spots or flashes of light (visual aura),¬†
  • tingling or a feeling of numbness in arm (sensory aura), and
  • elevated sensitivity to pain and the sensation of touch (central sensitization).

Moreover, compared to those without sensitivities, the migraineurs with multiple chemical and other hypersensitivities had a higher chance of migraine-related disabilities in day-to-day life and serious mental illnesses.

Curious? HERE is the source

Tatsiana Haponava, PhD

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