According to a recent small clinical trial, implementing a migraine adapted Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) program helps reduce headache frequency and improves psychological functioning. However, it doesn’t improve headache-related impairment in migraine sufferers.

So how does this migraine adapted MBCT look like? The therapy combines Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with principles of mindfulness. While CBT emphasizes and modifies the connection between cognition, emotion, and behavior, MBCT aims not only at recognizing and modifying thoughts and behavior during a migraine attack, but also at accepting pain experiences.

For the study, 54 people suffering from migraine were selected and assigned either to a waiting list or to a migraine-specific MBCT program with a follow-up after 7 months. Analyzing the results, the researchers observed no significant group difference in the symptoms of migraine attacks and their intensity, but there was a significant reduction in the frequency of headache in people on MBCT. Another positive changes were seen in 4 out of 8 psychological parameters: perceived stress, anxiety, rumination, and catastrophizing. Besides, the participants reported high contentment and personal goal achievement.

As you can see, if you aim to reduce the pain during a migraine attack, the adapted MBCT program won’t help. What the program does is it helps better dealing with the pain and improves some mental aspects of your well-being.

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