CBD (Cannabidiol) from medicinal cannabis is a popular natural remedy for people with neurological diseases, such as brain traumatic injury, Alzheimer’s and MS. Although it is used in a liquid form, CBD is known for its bad absorption and poor delivery to the brain due to oxidation and negative influence of stomach acid. A recent study investigated this problem and came up with a new form of CBD, namely tiny capsules that can be absorbed by the body better and penetrate the brain 40 times faster (!) than its liquid form. The proposed capsules also protect CBD from oxidation and degradation by light, extending the product shelf-life. Moreover, the capsules are developed in such way that they protect the content of capsule from stomach acid.

So what is the secret weapon of these capsules that tremendiously affect the absorption and the delivery to the brain? The researchers used their developed microcapsules in combination with a naturally occurring bile acid and tested them on mouse models with brain issues such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis and traumatic brain injury. The results were remarkable. It turned out that a bile acid helped significantly increase the concentration of CBD both in the blood and within the brain.

Of course, this success should be replicated in human studies but the findings of the study sound very promising as the proposed tiny capsules with CBD might be very helpful in the treatment of neurological disorders while reducing cost and enhancing safety.

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